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Yoga Classes
New Year
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Male conditioning - Thursday's 19:00-19:30


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Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes at Curzon Studio.

Monday's 8:00-9:00pm
Wednesday's 2:00-3:00pm and 8:00-9:00pm 

For more information contact 07738464479.

New Year

It’s the time of year that we all plan to make a fresh start. Many of us chose to make health, fitness and nutrition a priority. New Year, new you! I know we are already a few days into January but I would like to offer a five tips that will hopefully make the start more manageable and help you to maintain your determination to make this year better than last!

First. Don’t panic.
Everything takes time. Saying you want to lose 3 stones by the end of the month is not realistic! Make small, specific targets and give them a time limit.

Small Group PT

Want all the benefits of personal tuition, tailored tips and advice - plenty of support and attention - without all the cost?
Then small group training is the answer:
·      4 people maximum
·      4 consecutive weeks
·      Just £40 for all 4 weeks

Train with friends this spring for increased motivation, more enjoyment ... and of course fantastic results.

Male conditioning - Thursday's 19:00-19:30

 Flexibility and strength class for males
A class specifically designed to build around a man’s natural strength.  What to expect...
30 minutes of movement that will increase flexibility, muscular strength and endurance. This will be done with a mixture of both dynamic stretching and static stretching.

An amalgamation of yoga and Pilates designed to develop a stronger core, better joint stability and a more mobile muscular system.